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Executive Board

Alice Lee  // editor-in-chief // Alice is a fourth-year student majoring in Biology who believes that there are very few things that a good meal with close company cannot fix. Her favorite foods include dark chocolate, coconut, and a morning cup of coffee. She hopes to one day combine her love for food culture with her passion for health.

Rebeka Alvarez-Heck  // editor-in-chief // Rebeka is a fourth-year student studying Linguistics with a heavy interest in all things food. Her favorites include: dried fruit, pineapple guacamole, and mashed potatoes. On certain days she likes to think about the relationship between language and food in a historical and cross-cultural setting.

Ashley Tran  // digital editor //  Ashley is a third-year English major with a severe tea addiction. She believes that good food should be just as easy to make as it is to enjoy. Her favorite things to make include bourbon balls and red bean mochi.

Wendy Wei  // managing editor // Wendy is a third-year majoring in Political Science and minoring in Visual Arts. In her mind, she is actually majoring in Never-ending Conversations and minoring in Reading Everything on the Internet. At any one point, Wend y is composed of at least 5% coffee.

Jessica Zhang // treasurer // Jessica is a third-year majoring in Political Science and minoring in English and Creative Writing. She appreciates food. All food. And most likely could eat you under the table (she once ate two Subway footlongs in one sitting), especially when it comes to fruit, pasta, and Asian BBQ. 

** Disclaimer: “eat you under the table” is an idiom that means one can eat more than others. It does not mean Jessica will consume you if you have dinner with her.


Naoko Takeuchi //

Sherry Tseng //

Ruby Zhao // Ruby is a third-year double majoring in English and Psychology. She strongly appreciates things that are eatable. Everything on this site is eatable, even her! But that is called “cannibalism”, dear classmates, and is in fact frowned upon in most societies.

Staff Writers

Joy Cho // Joy is a first-year potentially majoring in Political Science. Exploring new restaurants, taking pictures of the food, and writing about it are some of her passions. She will never say no to really good pad thai or ice cream, and her current obsessions include flaky croissants and peas. Her dream is to open her own bakery someday.

Daphne Chen //

Linda Fu //

Alba Tomasula y Garcia //

Mei Lan Fogarty // Mei Lan is a first-year, undecided in her major.  She considers herself to be a foodie, loving anything from spanakopita and raspberry linzer cookies to brie cheese.  Her favorite go-to dessert to make is blondies.

Francisca Gomez // Francisca is a third-year student in the College, majoring in Political Science and Economics. She loves anything related to food, and her idea of a perfect day is reading a good book while eating a pastry and drinking a creamy hot chocolate. Coming from Chile, she dearly misses the products of her country, especially the fresh fruits, avocados, and seafood. However, Chicago makes up for this by having kale, 2% milk, and a wide variety of cuisines.

Clark Halpern // Clark is a second-year double majoring in Biology and Environmental Science. He loves unique flavor combinations, and is always excited to eat something new and strange. His favorite food is chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and believes that the hot fudge sundae is an invention on par with the wheel and penicillin. 

Evangel Jung //

Celine Kwon // Celine is a first-year student who is undecided in her major. Her favorite restaurateurs include Thomas Keller and Jamie Oliver, and she loves red meat, sushi, and truffle products. She probably loves food more than she loves people.

Caryssa Lim // Caryssa is a second-year studying Biology and Human Rights and dreams of someday taking care of old people. She is an avid baker who is not too fond of sweets and has a mild obsession with grilled cheese.

Margeaux Perkins // Margeaux is a third-year Theater and English major with a German minor. She lives to eat.

Swara Saraiya // Swara is a second-year vegetarian double majoring in East Asian Languages and Civilizations and International Studies. Her favorite things in life are greek yogurt and cheese, and she strongly believes that burritos are God’s gift to humankind.

Jung Wu // Jung is a sprightly first-year and a recently-turned Economics major with an affinity for all things edible. She enjoys heavily spiced dishes and is a big fan of bold flavors. Her claim to fame is being able to eat a family-sized bag of Extra Hot Hot Cheetos in two sittings (not recommended).

Harrison Yu // Harrison is a third-year studying Political Science. Making and eating food has long been an obsession. He knows that no matter what he sees, smells, eats, or makes, there is always something better out there and he aims to find it


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